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Our Terms And Conditions


As per your Loan request, it would interest you to go through our loan terms and conditions before applying for our loans for reference and clarification purposes, find below the Loan Terms


You would need to fill out an application form with us containing all of your personal data's then once we receive the complete loan app, your details will be verified and reviewed by our financial analyst

Prior to your loan processing we would need some supporting documents, such as your driver's license, utility bills or your government issued identity card, all of this will be needed for your insurance processing as well.

Criteria for approval

*Minimum credit score of 550+, bank statement of account or pay-stub ,then a copy of your recent tax returns.


* Monthly Repayment: On getting the loan, the applicant will start the repayment of loan on the 30Th/31st of every month starting from one

(1) months after loan has been transferred to the beneficiary's account with the monthly payment as stated above. I usually give one month GRACE PERIOD to all applicant before Re-payment can commence.

* Penalty: There is NO PRE-PAYMENT PENALTY for this loan program. Applicant reserve the right to pay off the loan at the early enough even before the calculated date.

* The loan must be insured: The insuring of this loan will be done by the lender who is giving out the loan. Therefore the borrower will be responsible for the Insurance Fee of ($?) Upon Insuring this Loan Funds, A certificate of Insurance will be Issued to you, Which i will be sending to you Via e-mail attachment, This private lender has an insurance registration cover in case of future loss/death occurrence by both parties, that is the reason why you must pay insurance fee, so your loan must be insure/registered under the stipulated lawok

* NOTE: The loan insurance is paid to obtaining the loan

* Time of duration: The borrower must pay back at the rate of interest within the stipulated time as stated by the borrower after cashing the loan with 24 Hours after due process to this effect.

* The loan will not be used for drug trafficking or illegal possession of drug

Do get back to me if you are in agreement with the loan terms and condition so that we can move further with the loan application proccess.

Download the loan application forms below. You are expected to fill and submit a snapshot of the form to our email address: within 48hours
Download Loan Form

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